Things people need to listen to...Episode 8

November 5, 2009


Seriously, I know it's been forever, but don't hate me. Here, I offer the following to appease your hatred. It's all I got, so please forgive me. I'll make more effort from now on**, I swear.

Now on to the best part...Things I love and you should too, starting with a couple of my dear friends who I think you may love as much as me.


1. Dan Mangan (I don't know why it took me 8 of these lists to mention him, but it'll totally be worth the wait)

Indie / Folk

2. Said the Whale (Another one I kept hiding, but the new album just begs to be heard...and makes me want to move home)

Acoustic / Rock / Indie

3. Sebastien Grainger

Indie / Pop / Rock

4. Circlesquare

New Wave / Trance / Shoegaze


Rock / Pop / Indie

6. Human Highway

Rock / Pop / Indie

7. The Rural Alberta Advantage

Rock / Indie / Acoustic

8. Royal Bangs

Rock / Pop / Alternative

9. Woodhands

Electronica / Pop / Psychedelic

10. Winter Gloves

Indie / Pop / Rock

** Don't hold me to that, it probably won't happen