Things people need to listen to...Episode 12

March 16, 2010

New List! New List!

I think I am actually managing to get these at least monthly updates going. I can do this!

Well, here's a new one...I actually had some extra ones I really wanted to put on this list, but they're just going to have to wait for the next one (if we're lucky, maybe I can get a second one in before April, but I'm not making any promises).


1. Kisses

Electronic / Indie / Pop

2. Yukon Blonde

Pop / Rock / Indie

3. Freelance Whales

Pop / Experimental / Indie

4. Monsters Are Waiting (no longer together, but very very good and worth the mention)

Indie / Pop / Rock

5. Princeton

Pop / Shoegaze / Indie

6. Letting Up Despite Great Faults

Indie / Electro / Shoegaze

Best tracks: In Steps, The Colors Aren't You or Me, Folding Under Stories Told

7. Small Black

Acousmatic / Tape music / Pop

8. Lacrosse

Indie / Pop / Rock

Best tracks: It's Always Sunny Around Here, My Stop, We Are Kids

9. Everything Everything

Indie / Pop / Rock

10. Tigers On Trains

Folk / Rock / Indie

Best tracks: The Silk Road, Canossa, Just Be Glad That No One Saw You