Things people need to listen to...Episode 11

February 21, 2010

Phew, this one was starting to worry me, but I think I pulled together something good, I hope you think so too.

Also, although this winter/spring has seen (or will see) the release of several very great albums, I would like to point out just a couple in particular. First off, my good friends, Said the Whale, have just released a lovely little EP, "Bear Bones EP". Immoor's new album "She Moves" is just great! Finally, the new Two Door Cinema Club album, "Tourist History", is Fantastic!!

Anyways, here is the new list. Enjoy!!

1. Beautiful Small Machines

Electroacoustic / Indie / Pop

2. I Heart Hiroshima

Pop / Rock / Indie

3. The Ghost is Dancing

Indie / Pop / Rock

Best tracks: This Thunder, Battles On, Wall of Snow

4. Fyfe Dangerfield

Pop / Rock / Indie

5. The Drums

Post Punk / Rock / Indie

6. Flashguns

Rock / Punk / Indie

7. Boy Crisis

Punk / Indie / Rock

8. Horse Shoes

Rock / Pop / Indie

9. Generationals

Indie / Pop / Rock

10. The Unisex

Indie / Pop / Rock