Things people need to listen to...Episode 2

March 22, 2007

Yeah, second one, woo! (I'm just proud I wasn't too sick of music to write this....Charlie and Carmen would understand why....It's "that time" of the festival)

Anyways, good stuff that keeps me sane....

1. A Toys Orchestra:

Indie / Rock / Pop

2. Stafrænn Hákon:

Alternative/ Experimental/ Ambient

Best tracks: Glussi, Svefn, Kjammi

3. Scissors for Lefty:

Indie / Alternative / Pop

4. Hot Gossip:

New Wave / Garage / Punk

Best tracks: Real Mess, Five, Do It

5. Apparat Organ Quartet:

Alternative / Electronic / Rock

6. Oh No! Oh My!:

Indie / Rock / Pop

7. Union of Knives:

Electronic / Indie / Alternative

8. Mixel Pixel:

Psychedlic / Indie / Pop

9. n. Lannon (n. Ln):

Indie / Folk / Electronic

10. Girlsareshort:

Indie / Rock / Electronic

No website, they're not even together anymore. One of the members is now one half of MSTRKRFT

Best tracks: Pretty much everything off their album Earlynorthamerican

That's it for this installment. Toodles!