Things people need to listen to...Episode 6

March 24, 2008

Ok, so this one is going to have to be a slightly shorter list, due to the fact that, my hard drive crashed, and I no longer have music. Until I get a new hard drive, I'm down to about 5 gb of space for music, which as I've found out, isn't all that much. So here we go, a short, but sweet list of stuff that I remember from before the crash.

  1. Holy Fuck

Experimental / Electronica / Rock

2. Project Jenny, Project Jan

Electronica / Experimental / Indie

Best tracks: 320, Summertime, Train Track

3. Future 3

Ambient / Electronica / Indie (since they don't really have myspace)

Best tracks: Do/Don't, Future 3, Fumble

4. Thieves Like Us

Indie / Electronic / Synth

Best tracks: Drugs In My Body, Fass

5. Pony Up!

Indie / Rock / Pop

6. Sea Wolf

Indie / Alternative / Pop