Things people need to listen to...Episode 3

June 7, 2007

I know it's been about a billion years...but, I'm ready, and boy do I have some goodies (well, at least I think so)!

After a overly fantastic trip to Sasquatch this year, I am proud to present this episodes theme "Bands I Saw at Sasquatch and Loved Except for the Last Band, Who I Have Not Seen in a Long Time, but Really Hope I'll See Them Soon" (yeah, I know I need to work on naming things better, but meh)

Some of these are bigger artists, that you may possibly have heard of, but until everyone in the world knows them...I shall not stop!

1. Loney, Dear:

Soul / Alternative / Folk

2. Electrelane:

Indie / Experimental / Rock

3. The Helio Sequence

Indie / Electronic / Pop

4. Minus the Bear

Experimental / Rock / Indie

5. Aqueduct

Indie / Rock / Pop

6. Stars of Track and Field

Indie / Electronic / Rock

7. Manu Chao

Latin / Reggae / Rock

Best tracks: Bongo Bong, Je Ne T'aime Plus, Welcome to Tijuana

8. Ozomatli

Hip Hop / Latin / Rock

Best tracks: Can't Stop, Love and Hope, After Party

9. The Long Winters

Indie / Pop / Rock

10. Meligrove Band

Rock / Pop / Indie